Change of Perspective

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

When I first found my amazing studio space in Santa Cruz, I had a slight feeling of disappoint by the aesthetics of the surrounding outdoor area.  My studio is behind an antique store, in a block of units owned by a construction company.  There’s many different colored trailers around the parking lot and all sorts of “stuff.”  At one time there was even an old rusty VW that looked like it had been dumped.

The location of my studio and the inside space was so perfect that I decided to focus on what was good about the studio and let go of my worry about the outdoor space.  Although I must admit that I secretly hoped that one day the outdoor area would all be cleaned up!

After a few weeks, as I settled into the space, I began to look at all the “stuff” outside through a different lens —  so to speak.  At first I was just looking at the big picture, like with a wide angled lens and seeing just a pile of junk.  Then I started looking at things more individually like I was using a telephoto lens. As I looked closer I began seeing the inherent beauty that each item held and imagining how I could use it in my work.

Here’s what resulted as I changed the way I was viewing things.

This is the very cool VW!  Eventually it did get taken away and that was a very sad day for me.  However, a few lucky people have some very unique portraits!

Then there’s the trailers!  There’s green, orange, blue/gray, white and black!  They make for great backdrops!  The green is my favorite.

I like the orange one too, and I love how the black one is reflective!

Here’s a few other backdrops I found! I love how the chain link fencing matches Jessica’s coat.

The surrounding buildings have walls and doors of all different colors: teal, red and purple. Here’s couple of more shots!

Now days I absolutely love the diversity I can find just a few steps away from my door. I feel very grateful that I was able to see and appreciate the beauty right in front of me.  I just needed to change the lens I was looking through. 🙂


About Reija

I'm Reija "Raeya, portrait photographer and blogger. I have a photography studio in Santa Cruz, CA. I recently launched a new blog:
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One Response to Change of Perspective

  1. Christine Holding says:

    There’s my girl Jessica Markham. Congrats on your studio!!

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