Pregnancy / Maternity Photography in Santa Cruz

“The two most beautiful sights I have witnessed in my life are a full blown ship at sail and the round-bellied pregnant female.” –Benjamin Franklin.

Pregnancy lasts just a short time in our lives, and generally happens just a few times.  A professional portrait session is a wonderful way to embrace the beauty of pregnancy and the incredible changes it brings to your body.  As well as to celebrate the miracle of life.

You might yearn for a portrait like the one below but may feel quite shy about being photographed in such an intimate way.  The model in the photograph below is actually wearing nude underwear, so this can help you to feel more comfortable.

There are many options for different clothing and fabrics to create beautiful pregnancy portraits.  Being photographed together with your partner is another amazing and connecting way capture this time!

Whatever your style and comfort level is, I can help you to create a beautiful portrait, as a lasting reminder of this special time and something that will be enjoyed for many years to come!


About Reija

I'm Reija "Raeya, portrait photographer and blogger. I have a photography studio in Santa Cruz, CA. I recently launched a new blog:
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